Kayaking Anguilla – North Coast from Crocus Bay to Little Bay

Most thoughts of Anguilla’s coastline center on the island’s otherworldly white sand beaches. And with good reason. Long, broad, and powder-soft, the beaches here are among the finest in the world. Anguilla’s 38 miles of seashore, though, is more varied than many might think. Kayaking Anguilla gives you a good sense of this. On my last visit, I had the chance to kayak from Crocus Bay to Little Bay with Liquid Glow Anguilla Kayak Services. The topography treats we enjoyed along the way largely consisted of towering limestone cliffs. Many were interspersed with caves and holes; homes to bats and birds. Goats grazed along the lower lying limestone shores we passed, while all manner of corals and sea life remain plainly visible through our clear-hulled kayaks. 

Eventually, we arrived at Little Bay for a nice rest/beach lime. The more intrepid among us took the opportunity to do a little snorkeling, enjoying a closer interaction with the various fish just offshore. 

For those feeling even more adventurous, cliff diving is also available here. A rock jutting from the sea just a few yards from the Little Bay sand makes this thrill possible. You scale to the summit using your wits and a rope, then leap into the deep blue.

A bit unexpected and infinitely fun, kayaking Anguilla gave me a great way to experience a new-to-me side of an island that I previously thought I knew all-too-well.

Wish you were here..?


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