Is Antigua Carnival Really The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival?

OH HOW I WISH I COULD ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! I had every intention of being able to do so this year. Like a lot of everyone’s 2020 intentions, though, my long-anticipated first-ever Antigua Carnival experience has been postponed. This is particularly vexing to me. I imagine Patrick feels the same.


What are we missing?

What makes Antigua Carnival so potentially especially special to us?

Optimal Leo Season Timing

The mid-summer dates for Antigua Carnival are a BIG part of the attraction for us. Our birthdays always coincide with the height of Carnival fun in Antigua; late July–early August. 

Imagine enjoying Antigua’s biggest, hottest party of the year while also celebrating your birthday, and at the same time, also celebrating your brother’s birthday! 

Indeed, this mid-summer Carnival has all the makings of the best time we could ever have anywhere! The ultimate UC fete!

How Fun Is It Really…?

Friends in Antigua have long sang the praises of their local Carnival to us. They say the Caribbean Greatest Summer Festival tag is legit. This isn’t surprising, though, as all of us West Indians carry a healthy dose of bias about all things unique to our home islands.

At the same time, though, we keep seeing videos like this…

Antigua Carnival 2020 - 23 July - 4 August 2020

Yeah… Umm…


Here’s hoping conditions allow all of us to enjoy a safe and COVID-free Antigua Carnival in 2021…

Have you ever reveled in all of the mid-summer Carnival fun in Antigua? Got any tips on how we can max-out our experience, assuming we can get there next year? If so, please share some details in the comments section below. 


*Lead photo credit: Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission

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