What’s Cool in Antigua This Summer – Carnival, Beach, and Beyond

What does cool look like?

In Antigua, of course, it all starts with the beach. The island most famously known for its 365 beaches – one for every day of the year – is, in many ways, the ultimate Caribbean beach paradise.

As Patrick showed me last summer, though, the beach is truly just the beginning here.

Antigua satiates the full complement of uncommon travel desires like few places I’ve ever visited. This goes double in the summertime. That’s when the biggest parties of the year – Sailing Week and Antigua Carnival among them – mix with Antigua’s amazing historic attractions, stylish hotels, and natural wonders to make any visit here extra hot…

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All the while, though, steady trade winds keep temperatures cooler than you might expect. Nights I spent enjoying my verandah at Pineapple Beach Resort last summer required a hoodie! A/c? Not really required.

How Best to Visit Antigua This Summer

So, you’re convinced. You’re jonesing to visit Antigua this summer. Now what? How can you be sure to get a great deal on your trip?

Answer: Check out the Specials Offers page on the Antigua and Barbuda tourist board website.

Great discounts on everything from hotel accommodations and car rentals, to excursions, tours, and even dining can be found right here!

Hope to see you coolin’ in Antigua soon…

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