Boning Up on Eleuthera Through the Eyes of a Dog, Part II

Editor’s note: In this, the second of three dispatches from Eleuthera by Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund, our little friend gives us some tips on where to eat while adventuring in this most uncommon corner of The Bahamas

Although Eleuthera is relatively quiet on the restaurant-front, this just makes the few that are there even better. The first place we went to was called the Sunset Inn, just outside of Governor’s Harbour. This was where I sampled the classic Bahama brew called Kalik (emphasis on the lik – er, lick).

Next place we sampled was called Queen Conch located on the famous Harbour Island. They had a nice little wharf patio where you can sit and enjoy the sun and a drink until they bring out your food.

Well actually, you can watch as they bring in your food.

Crusoe's conch lunch
Crusoe’s conch lunch

Harbour Island is definitely the most touristy island in the immediate area, and is basically the one and only place where the beach is actually lined with resorts, tents, chairs, and of course – babes!

I was always on babe lookout, sporting my classic ripped, rugged, Ray Ban look.

Crusoe redefining cool
Crusoe redefining cool

And let’s see… Oh! I can’t forget Tippy’s Restaurant! This was an all-round great, friendly place with exceptional food. I noticed they had a few celebrity pictures on the wall including that of Matthew McConaughey and Mariah Carey from their visits some time ago.

Of course, I took the liberty of adding my picture next to theirs…

What other tidbits can Crusoe share to help us prepare for our first trip to Eleuthera? Tune in next week when he gives us a sense of the activities we can expect to enjoy on our planned future trip. And for the latest on Crusoe’s adventures, visit him online at CelebrityDachshund.com.

*Eleuthera beach photo above, credit iwasthere.it via Flickr.


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