Doorly's XO

Doorly’s XO, The Best Rum Bargain Around

There are fine rums and there are bargain rums. The twain, though, have never met quite as perfectly as they do in Doorly’s XO. Simply put…

This is the finest rum for the money that you can buy, period.

Well, at least it is for me, and anyone else with a Total Wine & More in their vicinity. Nicely-packaged bottles of this even nicer rum generally go for less than US$20!


Answer: Our friends at Barbados’ Foursquare Distillery struck a sweet deal with Total Wine. Effectively, they removed the middleman from the import/distribution equation. 

The resulting price is seriously low, though the real value here lies in the rum itself.

Doorly's X.O. from Barbados, fine rum at an even better price | SBPR
Doorly’s XO from Barbados, fine rum at an even better price | SBPR

As Patrick noted previously, Doorly’s XO is comprised of a blend of carefully selected rums aged between six and 12 years. The combo undergoes a very special second maturation in oak casks formerly used to age Spanish Oloroso Sherry.

Oloroso translates to “scented” in English, a fitting name for this uniquely dark, bold, and nutty wine. Trace elements of Oloroso character shine through in the XO, adding a level of sophistication light years more luxurious than the $20 price-tag.

What truly makes Doorly’s XO so special to me, though, is its balance. Both on the nose and the palate, its rich mix of nuts, vanilla, and tropical fruit flavors present themselves in perfect harmony. The faintest of burning sensations marks the finish at the back of your throat. A gentle parting shot soliciting another sip…

Indeed, it’s Rum Nirvana at a price that simply cannot be beat.

As it says right on the rear label…

There are rums for those who know, and there is Doorly’s XO…….. for those who know better!

‘Nuf said.

Pick up a bottle (Better yet, a case!) at your local Total Wine or order online here.


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