Friday Happy Hour: Stallion Milk Stout and the Dream of a West Indian Beer of the Month Club

Stallion Milk Stout from Barbados/SBPR

Say it out loud with me: West Indian Beer of the Month Club. Mmmm, doesn’t that sound tasty?

There are lots of different Beer of the Month Clubs out there, most of them offering a broad array of U.S. craft brews. There are even some that serve up international suds. None, at least not that I’ve found, cater to my cravings for uniquely Caribbean combos of barley and hops.

That stinks.

I mean, we regularly show that the depth and breadth of homegrown Caribbean brews are much more varied than the untraveled beer connoisseur might think. Wouldn’t you throw down a paltry monthly sum to get a new taste of exactly what we’re talking about every month?

Think of all the fun you could have reminiscing over past Caribbean adventures with a Carib on your couch, or dreaming up future trips by enjoying something new like Stallion Milk Stout.

One of the newest brews of Barbados, Stallion first hit retail shelves in November 2010. So, even if you love beer and have traveled to Barbados a bunch in the past, there’s a good chance you don’t know this stuff. Luckily for me, I came across the bottle pictured here during a stop at the Sea Side Bar rumshop in Bathsheba earlier this year, so I can tell you why you’d want this to show up in your mythical West Indian Beer of the Month package.

Produced by Banks Holdings Limited, makers of Banks Beer, and branded as the Thoroughbred of Stouts (clever), Stallion is a sweet alternative to the bitter stouts that predominate in the region. Then again, this stuff is so good, it just may make those other bitter stouts obsolete.

Stallion has a wonderfully rich, smooth malty flavor that would appeal to anyone who likes their stout chocolatey with a heavy dose of roasted coffee flavor. Like all those other stouts, Stallion is also said to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac for men, though I can’t vouch for that just yet. Either way, definitely enjoy this one cold and you won’t be disappointed.

That is, you won’t be disappointed if you can get to Barbados and get your hands on some. Or maybe someone will get inspired by this, start a West Indian Beer of the Month Club and feature Stallion as its first featured beer! If so, I’ll be the first in line for a membership.

Who’s with me?

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