Lobster Alive Saturdays

Lobster Alive Saturdays Near Sunset in Barbados

Saturday afternoons are always sweeter in Barbados. When you add lobster to the occasion, though, it gets even better. The magic effect doesn’t apply universally, however. At least not to the degree that it does at Lobster Alive. As we noted in the earliest days of Uncommon Caribbean 10+ years ago, Lobster Alive is the very best place to dine on the freshest lobster in Barbados. This isn’t just a subjective opinion either. A quick read of our earliest Lobster Alive post reveals why. Suffice it to say, though, Lobster Alive has always been special. A major refresh/renovation in late 2023 only makes Lobster Alive Saturdays better. 

Wish you were here reveling in the delicious fun of Lobster Alive Saturdays..?

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