Opting (Perhaps) for Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda for Halloween 2015

Dressing up in costumes and parading around the neighborhood to hit up friends and strangers for free candy never gets old… until it does.

I’m sad to say that after turning 11 a few weeks ago, my twins are already showing signs of waning interest in all-things-Halloween.

Where once they planned their own costumes weeks, even months in advance, now, mere days before the merriment, they’re showing little interest in dressing up at all.

Trick-or-treating? Nope, not for them this year. For the first time, their preference is stay home and dole out the treats to “the little kids.”

Clearly, I have little kids no more, a wistful what’s what that has me considering a complete overhaul of our Halloween traditions next year. One that trades frightful chills at home for the tropical thrills of a special beach that seems right for the season, albeit in name only.

Located a quick 10- to 15-minute hike from Virgin Gorda’s famous Baths, Devil’s Bay is the antithesis of its name in beauty and diversions. It’s actually reputed to be among the most picturesque beaches in all of the BVI’s. (Perhaps the macabre moniker was applied to keep things that way by keeping crowds away!)

The water’s generally quite calm here as well, perfect for swimming and snorkeling fun, even for “little kids.”

Our only costumes will be swimsuits. Our candy: whatever snacks we manage to carry along, though the beauty of Devil’s Bay may prove treat enough all on its own.

Halloween’s on a Saturday next year too. Hmmm…


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Lotus Carroll.

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