Saba Rock Ferry

Sweet Sorrow Sailing Away Aboard the Saba Rock Ferry

I’m not typically envious of sad occurrences. In general, such feelings would be counterintuitive, right? Not so (at least for me) in the particular case of the sad scene pictured here. The scene, a boatload of happy folks sailing away aboard the Saba Rock Ferry, elevates my feelings of envy to new heights. 

Reason: I’ve yet to experience the purported luxuries and pampering of this uncommon private island paradise.

Hell, I never even experienced the rustic charms of the former incarnation of Saba Rock BVI. The one prior to Hurricane Irma’s disastrous visit to the British Virgin Islands in September 2017.

To see and hear tales of things now, though, Saba Rock, in particular, and the British Virgin Islands, in general, are all the way back and better than ever nowadays.

Here’s hoping we get a chance to head back to the BVIs soon to check things out and report back to you.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to live the wonderfully sad experience of ferrying away from Saba Rock BVI ourselves.

Wish you were here…?

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