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New Ways To Jet Away To The Caribbean in 2017

Stare directly at a Caribbean shoreline long enough, and the smile the sight solicits across your face will surely be returned before long, the extremities at opposite ends of your frame of view ebbing and flowing over time into a froth-filled happy face.

Sadly, the same rarely holds true when staring at airfares to the Caribbean.

Gaze at those rates over any extended period of time, and you’re likely to see them rise and rise and rise, a harsh reality that always brings a frown.

High airfares are often cited among the top reasons why people don’t travel to the Caribbean more often. Lately, though, some of our favorite carriers have launched new flights aimed at making a Caribbean escape more affordable for us all.

Norwegian Air

Not only is our favorite Scandinavian low-cost carrier returning to the Caribbean this winter, once again serving both Martinique and Guadeloupe with non-stop flights from the Northeast (New York + New England), but new for 2017, Norwegian is also launching its first-ever nonstop flights from Fort Lauderdale to Martinique!

Yes, Norwegian has offered flights from FLL to Guadeloupe for the past couple winters. I even took advantage of their low-low $79 one-way fares to make my first trip back to Gwada this past March.

Still, the new Martinique flights from my homeport in South Florida are extra-super exciting for me. As anyone who knows me, or has read much of what I written here over the past seven years, I love, Love, LOVE Martinique! Now, with the new Norwegian flights, one of my favorite places on earth is just that much closer to me, and MUCH more affordable than ever to visit.

New Norwegian Air flights from Fort Lauderdale to Martinique start October 30, 2017. Intro fare? You guessed it – just $79. More details here.

Southwest Airlines

My wife LOVES Southwest Airlines.

Me? Eh.

I mean, the service is good, and I love their commercials (especially this one), but that boarding process, though… Even worse, they haven’t really offered much by and in the way of a Caribbean product… until now!

Yeah, Southwest has been busy boosting its sun and fun flights from Fort Lauderdale recently. New for 2017, that boost includes three of my favorite corners of the Caribbean – Grand Cayman, Montego Bay, and Providenciales – and one spot that’s so far eluded me, Belize. (Cancun is in the mix as well!)

Some of these new flights are reportedly pricing in at VERY affordable levels. One-way intro fares to Provo, for instance, are just $59!  Get in on this action here.

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