Sailing Knots by Patrick Bennett

A Little Practice Goes a Long Way When Getting Knotty at Sea: Photo of the Day

Believe me when I tell you that sailing is sexy. Navigating by the stars, sailor tattoos, plucking your lunch from the sea, tanned rippling muscles… And, of course, tying knots.

Yeah, tying knots.

Smarts are definitely one of the sexiest traits anyone could have and luckily a little knowledge in the area of knots doesn’t require daily trips to the gym. All you need is a length of rope and a little practice and before you know it, you’ll be twisting some Anchor HitchsBowlines, and Reef Knots in no time.

Hit the high seas with Intrepid Travel, demonstrate your skills in mixed company and who knows, next time you go below deck you may get to practice a few Sheet Bends.

Special Offer: Virtual sailing adventures are nice, but if you’re ready to cast off for some real-life fun, then you’ll want to check out the special savings currently being offered by Intrepid on their amazing Caribbean itineraries. For details, click here.

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