Music Grows Magic at Curacao’s Den Paradera

It takes a little magic to grow anything in the desert-like environs of Curacao. It takes a good bit more to keep the 300+ plant species found at the island’s cozy and enchanting Den Paradera going.

As noted previously, Den Paradera ranks among the most uncommon garden attractions in the Caribbean, with Dinah Veeris, the brains, heart, and soul behind it, among our region’s most treasured personalities.

In that earlier story, we shared a lot about what inspired Dinah to start her magical garden in the first place. Today, we’re giving you a little peek at one of the special ways she keeps it going…

Dinah sings sweetly to her cherished garden loves daily, soothing and nurturing them like the mother that she is to the babies that they most certainly are. She even rocks select potted plants in small hammocks as a further sign of affection.

With this kind of special care, it’s no wonder her miracle garden continues to thrive.

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