Dominica Crossing Race

Dominica Crossing, the Caribbean’s Ultimate Trail Race

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Ever since we successfully conned convinced Dave Keener to travel with Patrick to Montserrat last year and participate in the grueling Volcano Half-Marathon, I’ve been trying to find another impossible incredible sporting event for him to conquer in the name of our little blog. Of course, it’d have to be EXTREMELY UNCOMMON, and not just because of our name.

I mean, Dave had bested an active volcano for us, for chrissakes! Not only that, but he also went head-to-head with an Olympic runner in the process. He even somehow managed to survive my brother’s proclivity toward ill-timed hiking excursions and iller-advised bush rum tastings.

What could possibly top all that?

Well, how about a 100K trail race through the untamed wilds of Dominica?

Ooooh, I can just picture Dave shaking salivating at the mere thought of the glory that awaits him should he accept this latest suicide mission!

No, I didn’t forget the strikethrough for “suicide” in the preceding sentence. The Dominica Crossing race really does look and sound crazy! Just check out the video above. Hiking the Waitukubuli Trail promises to be arduous enough. Now try racing in, around, over and through some of the Caribbean’s most untouched and unforgiving terrain as fast as you can against a bunch of other people just as crazy (or crazier) than you!

Sounds wild! Sounds insane! Sounds about perfect for us!

Well… perfect for Dave, anyway.

So what do you say, Dave? Dominica Crossing is slated for October 2012, so there’s plenty of time for that beer-fueled training regimen of yours to kick back into high gear.

While we wait to squeeze secure a commitment from Dave, be sure to check out the Dominica Crossing fan page on Facebook. There, you’ll note that the race is actually part of the larger Lost Worlds Racing Series, which includes similarly grueling contests in such far-flung locales as Giant’s Causeway along Ireland’s rugged north coast, and the Trail to Tikal connecting Belize and Guatemala. Participants can take part in 100K or 50K races, and all races are open to teams, so I guess we could conceivably join forces with Dave… but where would be the fun in that?

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