Experience Secret Bay

Experience Secret Bay, Dominica…Almost

Secret Bay, Dominica is so marvelously ensconced in nature that pictures do it little justice. Words fall short of its elegance and rejuvenating charms as well. Oh, we’ve done our best to give you a sense of what it’s like to experience Secret Bay in previous posts.

(This one, in particular, is quite good.)

Somehow, though, the words and pics in those posts don’t quite measure up to what it’s really like to experience Secret Bay. You know, how glorious it really, truly is!

Not quite.

For this, our latest attempt at showcasing Secret Bay, though, we’re trying something different. Something to better get you acquainted with the SV vibe. Something like this video…

Okay, yeah. That’s definitely a good bit closer to what it’s like. I can almost channel the utter sense of peace and calm that I felt during my beyond brief Secret Bay stay a few years back.

I mean, almost.

Truly, Secret Bay defies conventional means of description. This is a place that just simply has to be experienced first-hand to be believed.

To experience Secret Bay for yourself, visit the property online and plan your next best Dominica escape today.


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett Photography.

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