Eleuthera Beaches – The Bahamas’ Best Kept Secret..?

Eleuthera Beaches likely don’t rate for most folks among the best Caribbean beaches. No doubt, that sits quite well with the guy pictured here.

That, of course, is my brother and partner in all things Uncommon Caribbean, Patrick. If you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, then you know that he just enjoyed his first visit to Eleuthera a couple weeks ago. To say that Patrick and his family enjoyed Eleuthera would be a wild understatement, a point made clear by the numerous texts he sent me during their trip.

Now, it’s nothing new for Patrick to text me while he’s traveling and I’m not. I do the same when he’s stuck at home. Sometimes we’re just excited to share our uncommon travel finds. Other times, we’re trying to make each other jealous. Patrick’s Eleuthera texts, though, were different. 

An acutely bucolic joy underscored each missive, his mind and heart taken with the place at a level I’d not seen before. A big reason for this: the otherworldly Eleuthera beaches.

Long and thin, Eleuthera stretches 110 miles north–south. The number of Eleuthera beaches found along this expanse totals 150! (Or so I’ve read.)

As elsewhere, no two Eleuthera beaches are exactly alike. Pink sands denote many, but not all of them. Some are wider, more calm, and offer more shade than others too.

What they all share in common, though, are positively pristine natural conditions and no crowds. In other words, they’re perfect. Or, as Patrick noted in one of his texts…

As far as a single island with amazing beaches, Eleuthera might be unbeatable.  

Naturally, Patrick and Co. spent much of their full week in Eleuthera trying to experience every single one of those amazing Eleuthera beaches. They didn’t come close, of course. What beaches they did see, though, already have them making plans for a return trip next summer.

I mean, just look at that photo… Can you blame them?

Stay tuned for additional posts highlighting the beaches that Patrick got to experience in Eleuthera coming soon…

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