Surfer's Beach Eleuthera

Surfer’s Beach Eleuthera: Welcoming Waves Well Off The Beaten Path

Great surfing is probably not among the things most people associate with Eleuthera. Sure, this blissfully off-the-beaten-path corner of The Bahamas has lots of great beaches. Everyone knows that. The picture most have of them, though, is of clear, calm seas. You know, the kind you can float around in peacefully. Surfer’s Beach Eleuthera, though, is altogether different.

Like all the very best surf spots, Surfer’s Beach is somewhat hidden. You might find signs pointing the way to the waves from Queens Highway, Eleuthera’s main north-south thoroughfare. Don’t count on them, though. Sometimes, they’re just not there.

I love that about Surfer’s Beach. You kind of have to mix and mingle with the locals just to even find it! 

When you do, you’ll experience what’s got to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming surf scenes anywhere. A beach bereft of any exclusionary surf localism, or bad vibes whatsoever… 

Surfer’s Beach Eleuthera is located on Eleuthera’s Atlantic coast between Gregory Town and Alice Town. (That’s all south of the famous Glass Window Bridge.) Ask around for the best directions.

Oh, and don’t fret if you forgot to pack your surfboard. Surfer Pete, who runs a convenience store on the beach, offers rentals, lessons, and more!

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