The Fabulous Floating Hammock at Le Phare Bleu, Grenada

All hammocks give the sensation of floating on air, your body suspended just a few inches off the ground as the wind gently rocks you back and forth. The experience is sublimely sleep-inducing just about anywhere you might be relaxing in the Caribbean, but nowhere have I found it to be more uncommon than at Le Phare Bleu.

A sexy-chic boutique hotel I had the pleasure of staying at in Grenada a few November’s ago, Le Phare Bleu is unique in many ways. From the permanently-docked lighthouse ship that serves as an eatery, to the colorfully-cool hand-painted murals that line a wall in each of the bedrooms, this place oozes all kinds of uncommon style.

To experience the most distinctive feature of the property, though, you’ll have a swim a bit offshore. That’s where you’ll find the floating platform pictured at right in the image above. On it, one very uncommon hammock… and nothing else.

Here you float on air and on water, a dual drift aerial sensation that might be better enjoyed by some from the decks of the lighthouse ship where our latest Monthly Moment of Zen video was shot…

For more on Le Phare Bleu, visit them online.

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