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Leaping Into Adventure in Southern Haiti

Around about 20 pounds and four years ago, I lived one of my most memorable travel adventures ever in the wilds of southern Haiti. It was there, just west of the storied city of Jacmel, where I found myself trekking through the bush, hopscotching rocks across streams, rappelling down a ravine, and finally reveling in the sanguine seclusion of Bassin Bleu.

A series of natural pools and waterfalls along the Petite Rivière de Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is renowned for the generally electric blue-green hues of the water here. (More on why I say “generally” in a future post.)

Scaling the heights to leap from caves hidden within the falls only adds to the thrills, of course.

To get in on this uncommon adventure, or enjoy most any aspect of the best of Haiti, you’ll want to reach out to my friends Cyril Pressoir at Tour Haiti or Pierre “Bobby” Chavet at Agence Citadelle. Both men head two of the top, most trusted tour operators in the country. Even better, they’re also amazing people and good friends.

If you want me to put you direct contact with either, drop me a line.

Wish you were here…?

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