Colorful Taxi Boats in Le Nord, Haiti: Photo of the Day

Haiti is a big country – third-largest in the Caribbean behind Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It’s also the most mountainous Caribbean country by far. These two factors, combined with Haiti’s legendary traffic jams, often make boats like these the best way to get around.

I came across them near Labadee in Northern Haiti. Like the more famous Tap-Tap buses ubiquitous on the roads in and around Port-au-Prince, the boats are brightly painted and often adorned with religious sayings in both Creole and English.

There’s no special local name for these buses that I could discern, however. They’re just taxi boats. The ones I saw also placed a nice premium on safety, outfitting all riders with bright orange life jackets like the ones you can see hanging near the bow of the taxi boats above.

In this far western section of Le Nord, where the mountains tumble right down to the sea leaving narrow outcroppings of shoreline intermittently specked with tiny villages, secret beaches, and private homes, taxi boats like these are an absolutely essential means of transportation, and a pretty neat photo-op.

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