Martinique beach lime | Credit: Flickr user Karolina Lubryczynska

Making Time For A Beach Lime in Martinique

Time. For the uncommon traveler, there is never enough of it. For me, that’s especially true on my travels to Martinique. I’ve made more trips to The Isle of Flowers than anywhere else in the Caribbean over the past 10 years. Each of these journeys has been filled with wild exploration of Martinique’s rainforests and other natural wonders, marvelous culinary adventures among the island’s many amazing restaurants, and deep dives into a rich history and cultural heritage that is easily among the most dynamic in all of the West Indies, with a little nightlife and fun mixed in for good measure. What I hardly ever take the time to do in Martinique is exactly what you see pictured above: sitting down and enjoying the simple pleasure of a nice beach lime. With Norwegian Air about to start its first-ever nonstop flights to Martinique from my home airport here in Fort Lauderdale this week at one-way fares starting as low as US$59 (!!), I’m sure to have a lot more time to enjoy all the excitement (and relaxation) that this special island has to offer in the months to come…

More on Norwegian’s nonstop flights to Martinique here.


*Photo credit: Flickr user Karolina Lubryczynska.

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