Biere Lorraine by Patrick Bennett

Biere Lorraine: Friday Happy Hour by way of Martinique

Rum rules the roost when it comes to Caribbean libations. But the region also boasts a rich array of beers, each as distinctive as the islands they call home. On this particular Friday, we’re jonesing for a light, refreshing Biere Lorraine.

Ever since 1919, when an enterprising French engineer named Rene de Jaham decided in the wake of WWI that it would be a good idea to brew beer in the French West Indies, Martinique has been blessed with one of the region’s finest lagers.

Jaham named his beer in tribute to the French Region of Lorraine. The home to France’s richest beer-making tradition. (Lorraine’s oldest brews date back to 5,000 B.C.!) But that wasn’t the only reason. It was also here that he learned the beer masters craft.

But it isn’t Biere Lorraine’s great tradition that has us craving it today.

No, the real reason is that as far as we know Biere Lorraine is only available in Martinique. Lord knows with all the snow outside our New York office today we’d much rather be sipping a tall, cold Lorraine on Les Salines Beach, or in the refreshing waters of Josephine’s Bathtub nestled between Ilet Oscar and Ilet Thierry.

A votre santé!

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