Trinidad Cocktail Recipe

Trinidad Cocktail Recipe Soothes Your Carnival Tabanca

Every year that I miss Trinidad Carnival calls for a stiff drink. Ideally, said drink harkens to the joy of my past Trinidad Carnival experience. If it also dulls the pain over missing the fun, even better. Enter the Trinidad cocktail recipe.

I found her in the Complete World Bartender Guide. A comprehensive tome of all things bartendering and cocktalia, the book features more than 2,500 drink recipes!

The Trinidad cocktail recipe stands out among them for me, especially in the wake of missing Carnival (again). Not only is the name on-point, but this recipe is also easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Combine your 1-1/4oz rum (I’m using Angostura 5 from Trinidad, apropos of the occasion), 1-1/4oz dry vermouth, and a dash of bitters (Angostura Aromatic Bitters, of course) in a cocktail glass. Stir gently. That’s it!

Armed with a few of these, it’s easy to enjoy Youtube videos of the annual Carnival fun without shedding too many tears.


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