Triumphs, Tribulations, and Rhum Dillon Très Vieux Millésimé 1982

It’s been an emotional week. The kind that makes a full-blown computer meltdown like the kind I endured over the past few days (no, really) seem like nothing at all.

Sure, life is always all ups and downs, but this week’s roller coaster was anything but business as usual.

One day you learn that a young, vibrant, and amazing friend (and super-talented writer) is battling breast cancer; the next, another young, vibrant, and equally amazing friend gives birth to her first child.


(I want to stop right here to beseech you all to read my friend Jackie Froeber’s Editor’s Letter in the new issue of Celebrated Living. Whether you have cancer, know someone fighting the disease, or are lucky enough to be living cancer-free, the strength in Jackie’s words and her refreshing approach toward facing her toughest fight will inspire you to no end. Please read it, share it, and as Jackie says, “Go feel yourself up.”)

In the quiet time between disparate tears I’ve come to focus on two things: 1) Life is short, and 2) Live every day.

I’ve been telling myself both things nearly every day for most of my adult life, the mantras fueling a lot of the craziness that brought Uncommon Caribbean into being in the first place.

Today, they spurred me to open the vintage bottle of Rhum Dillon Tres Vieux pictured above.

Another great friend in Martinique gave me the 34 year-old bottle a few years ago; a gift, she said, for the love I’ve shown for her homeland. Until today I had been saving it. For what? For a special visitor? A special occasion? I really had no reason.

Why wait?

Life is short. I’m living today, in part, by enjoying a special gift from a special friend in honor of two other very special friends…

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