Saturday Video: Le Art de Rhum in Martinique

In the Caribbean, the crafting of fine rum is both art and cultural quintessence; the distilling, aging, blending, and bottling all coming together in a magical symphony of flavors, colors, sounds, and emotions that beautifully reflect each individual island’s charm and personality.

If you have any doubts about this, today’s featured video will set you straight.

The piece was produced by Rhum Clément, one of Martinique’s finest and most famous distillers boasting an esteemed family tradition dating back to the late-1800s. Indeed, the company’s founder, Homère Clément, is credited with pioneering the distinctive rhum agricole distillation method that sets Martinique rhums apart from the rest.

There aren’t too many other brands more qualified to serve as a guardians of Martinique’s cultural heritage. Here’s the proof…

There’s a marvelous juxtaposition between the bottles making their way through the bottling process with the scenes of daily life in Martinique playing out to the sound of a progressively inspiring soundtrack.

The message is clear: to love Rhum Clément is to love Martinique, and vice versa. There is no in-between as one could not be all that it is without the other; both exquisite in so many ways…

For more, even better proof, be sure to visit Habitation Clément next time you’re in Martinique. As we’ve noted before, the home of Rhum Clément is among the top visitor attractions on the island; equal parts history museum, fine arts gallery, rhum boutique, botanical gardens and more.

A lot of what’s embodied in the video plays out daily on the historic grounds of Habitation Clément making this a must for any rum journey to this very special island.

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