Saturday Video: Missing Martinique

OT Martinique from Go Voyages on Vimeo.

Every job has its perks. Casual dress Fridays, the occasional free pizza lunch, and unlimited coffee, are all fairly standard niceties I’ve enjoyed in each stop along my career path. My current day job, though, comes with a perk that tops them all: two and sometimes three trips per year to the gorgeous paradise featured in the video above.

This, of course, is Martinique, a destination with as much to offer the uncommon traveler as any in the Caribbean. So far, we’ve shared a lot about Martinique’s unique attractions, like La Case a Leo, the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial and La Pagerie, ancestral home to Napoleon’s wife, Empress Josephine. We’ve told you about a few of the great Rhums of Martinique, shared a recipe or two showcasing the island’s incredible cuisine, and even steered you to a humble beach shack that serves up some of the best gourmet eats this side of Paris.

Sure, it’s my job to say nice things about Martinique, but as you can tell if you’ve read any of these stories, the love I have for the island is real.

The longing I have to get back there is real too. You see, I only got to cash in one of my perks last year. It’s been about 10 months since I’ve been back, and I’m really missing Martinique right now.

My next scheduled trip to Martinique is coming up in May, so I’ll have to suffer just a tad bit longer. In the meantime, at least we can all enjoy this video postcard that features a lot of the fun places I get to check out and things I get to do whenever I’m in Martinique. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired by these gorgeous scenes to join me there in May. If so, the first Biere Lorraine is on me!

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