Rhum Clément Tres Vieux X.O. – Something Special From the Top Shelf

If you live in the U.S. and you love Martinique, then these are heady times indeed!

The weekly Saturday nonstop flights from Miami that American Airlines launched back in April are the first to directly connect The Isle of Flowers with the U.S. mainland in several years. Soon after AA got the ball rolling, Seaborne Airlines launched its first-ever flights to Martinique, creating timely connections for passengers traveling via San Juan.

(Find Seaborne flights to Martinique here.)

Now, just this past week, AA has stepped up again, launching a second weekly nonstop from Miami that will operate on Wednesdays between November 27, 2013, and March 26, 2014. So, even if you don’t have a whole week to devote to adventuring around Martinique during the winter months, you can still make the trip with a minimum of connections.

(Find AA flights to Martinique here.)

All of this is worthy of a big toast if you ask me; a toast of something truly special from the top shelf. My suggestion: Rhum Clément Tres Vieux X.O.

Rhum Clement Tres Vieux X.O. | SBPR
Rhum Clement Tres Vieux X.O. | SBPR

No, this isn’t a re-write of my Flirting With Rhum Clément Tres Vieux 1952 story from a while back… at least not entirely…

That rare 1952 beauty is 100% comprised of fine rhum pushing social security age. Distilled in 1952 and allowed to rest for 39 years before being bottled in 1991, Rhum Clément Tres Vieux 1952 is one of those limited edition luxury items most of us merely dream about.

The alluring, curvy Tres Vieux beauty pictured here has some of that really old good stuff in her as well, plus a couple of other exceptional Rhum Clément triumphs from the illustrious vintages of 1970 and 1976; ergo the Tres (three) in Tres Vieux.

What makes it special? According to Rhum Clément…

This rum is characterized by the exceptional rich aromas of spices and dried fruits, all perfectly married by our Cellar Master creating a full and round flavor with a long-lasting finish.

I couldn’t agree more. Even if you generally steer away from rhum agricole’s because of the harsher bite they tend to have versus molasses-based rums, I’m guessing you’ll like this Tres Vieux. It’s so smooth, balanced, and sophisticated it’s impossible to deny.

At least it was for me. I picked up a bottle on my last trip to Martinique about a year ago. (Price: around US$100.) Within 10 days of getting it back home, it was gone!

Definitely time for a return trip. Thanks to American and Seaborne, it’ll be easier than it’s been in YEARS!

À votre santé!

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