Friday Happy Hour: Don Pancho Origenes Rums de Panama

Put your name on it.

No matter what your profession, your passion, or passing fancy, nothing stamps just how much you truly value anything you do or create quite like putting your name on it. After all, it’s your name, so obviously you wouldn’t share it with anything substandard, right?

That line of thinking right there should tell you everything you need to know about Don Pancho Origenes, the new trio of masterful rums from Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

Yes, this is the same Don Pancho we mentioned a few weeks ago when touting the uncommon excellence of Selvarey Cacao. The same Don Pancho who cut his rum teeth at Havana Club. The same Don Pancho responsible for some of the most celebrated rum releases in recent years – Zafra, Panamonte, Panama Red, and Bohemio, to name a few.

Few people in the rum world are as celebrated, so it stands to follow that Origenes, the very first rums Don Pancho deemed worthy of his name, would be equally revered, right?

Having sampled two of the three Origenes blends, I’d say the answer is an emphatic yes.

If you started with Origenes 8 and never moved on to the 18, you’d still be a happy camper. It punches well above its weight class, carrying the sophistication of comparable rums nearly twice its age. A nice, warm finish really brings the vanilla and tropical fruit flavors beautifully.

Don Pancho Origenes 18
Don Pancho Origenes 18

Now, if you did move on to Origenes 18, though, there’s a chance you might never drink anything else.

Yes, it’s that good.

There’s a wonderful, almost playful sweetness to Origenes 18 that I find irresistible, especially since it’s delivered with some nice, steady heat that lingers on the throat and even a bit on your lips. The 18 is also more woodsy than the 8, as you might expect, and, as noted on the label…

The exquisite mouth-feel fades gently exposing dried fruits and refined notes of bourbon and overripe plums.

I love this rum, so, as you might imagine, I’m more than a little anxious to try the third and most exalted of the Don Pancho Origenes rums, Origenes 30.

Like all Origenes rums, the age expressed on the label represents the youngest rum in the blend. When your starting point is at 30 years and Don Pancho’s name is on your label, well, all the rest just must be awesome.

Only 600 bottles of Origenes 30 were produced for the U.S. market. Hint-hint, Santa…


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