Gettin’ Loosey on Gooseberry Cocktails at Ocean Club East, Turks and Caicos

What’s everybody drinking?

It’s always my first question when I happen upon a new beach bar during my travels, though not always one that yields answers to my liking.

This is especially so at seaside bars tied to resort hotels on popular beaches.

Super-sweet, ultra-fruity concoctions chocked full of a laundry list of fancy ingredients tend to be the norm at these watering holes, their kitschy names only heightening their tourist-trap tang.

None of this is true of the Gooseberry.

I found it a few weeks ago at the Cabana Bar at Ocean Club East, Turks and Caicos, the cocktail name instantly appealing to my Crucian taste sensibilities.

Sadly, though, the gooseberry fruit I came to know and love in Armstrong’s amazing ice cream back on my home island of St. Croix has nothing to do with this cocktail. Neither does much else, which, as a stout devotee to the “less is more” principle of mixology, is a very good thing.

Indeed, the goose in this Gooseberry is Grey Goose. Specifically, Grey Goose Pear. Mix it with a little cranberry juice and voila, you have a Gooseberry.

It’s simple, it’s light with just the right level of sweet, and imminently refreshing, which all worked wonders for me during the scorching hot midday period when our lips met at the Cabana Bar.

At the very first sip it was clear why the Gooseberry is the most popular drink at Ocean Club, and why every time I mix one at home I’ll be reminded of fun times and great people at this special place…


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