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Saturday Video: How Rum Is Made in Puerto Rico

How is rum made?

On its surface, such a straightforward question would seem to carry an equally pointed answer.

Ahh, but we’re talking about rum, a spirit whose well-deserved noble status often gets overshadowed by colorful marketing and exaggerated legends, especially among “Johnny Come Lately” trendy new brands devoid of pedigree.

Destilería Serrallés doesn’t swim in those waters.

The oldest rum producer in Puerto Rico, and to my mind the best, Serrallés gets a lot of things right when it comes to making rum, highlighted by the very responsible extra steps they take to manage and treat their wastewater before returning it back to nature.

What other bits of magic go into making Serrallés brands like DonQ, Palo Viejo, and Caliche? Master Distiller Roberto Serrallés shares his straightforward answers…


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