Driftwood Shack
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Driftwood Shack Along Ha’Penny Beach, Saint Croix

You see them along remote shores all across the Caribbean; decrepit shade structures culled from detritus washed up by the tides. Some decry these driftwood shacks. They say they’re nothing more than semi-styled garbage piles. I, on the other hand, tend to enjoy and appreciate them. This affection, though, stems way more from their functionality than aesthetics.

Case in point: the driftwood shack pictured above. I happened upon it during my most recent visit home to Saint Croix in August 2021. The chance encounter occurred while I was hiking/exploring the South Shore, the part of STX that I’m least familiar with.

In particular, I was traversing Ha’Penny Beach with an eye toward determining its length. 

Now yes, I know that I could easily Google said info. Similarly, I could’ve asked my hosts at the Hummingbird Hideaway, the only place to stay along Ha’Penny.

My goal, though, was more to get a sense for how it feels to run/jog the length of the beach for a future post. 

As somewhat of a preview to that story, let’s just say that the itty bit of shade offered by this driftwood shack was quite welcome indeed!

The owner over at Hummingbird Hideaway later told me that the structure is known along the South Shore as the Hippy Shack. Apparently, it’s frequented on full moon nights.

I’ll have to take his word on all that, though, since there were no full moons on the calendar during my stay. 

Yeah, this tale is to be continued on a variety of levels…

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