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Nidulari St Croix, Artisanal Eats in the Rainforest: Uncommon Envy

You never know what you might find traipsing around the “rain forest” in St Croix. That was always the thrill of venturing into the wilds of northwest STX as a kid. Ancient trails, long-lost ruins, Chaney and other assorted historical treasures – “rain forest” enticements were many. Never in my wildest little boy dreams, though, would I have ever expected the “rain forest” to harbor an artisanal bakery/gourmet eatery. That, however, is exactly what Nidulari St Croix is!

Or, at least that’s what I hear it is. 

Nidulari, you see, is yet another of the many celebrated eateries on St Croix that I somehow always seem to miss. Its location, naturally, has a good bit to do with this.

As noted above, Nidulari St Croix is nestled in the heart of the “rain forest.”

Editor’s note: In case you were wondering, I keep noting “rain forest” in quotations as we technically do not have a real, bona fide rainforest in St. Croix. Oh, we have a lush, hilly, and densely-wooded area in which rain tends to fall a great deal. The St Croix “rain forest,” though, is not a real rainforest by definition. Just saying. 

The eatery sits right astride Mahogany Road, about a mile-and-a-half from downtown Frederiksted. In this way, it’s pretty easy to find. At the same time, though, it’s off the beaten dining path. As such, I’ve usually just eaten elsewhere whenever I happen to pass by its location.

Indeed, for me, enjoying a taste of Nidulari will take a bit of planning, something that I hardly ever do when I’m back home in STX. 

From everything that I heard/read, though, I really should make an exception when it comes to Nidulari. From the Nidulari St Croix website…

In the rainforest we serve a unique fusion menu consisting of local fare, Indian curries, British-influenced dishes, and Southern comfort food with a farm-to-table and slow-food twist. Our menu changes daily to accommodate the availability of fresh ingredients.

Talk about uncommon, right? They had me at “local fare” and “Indian curries.” A predilection toward changing things up to accommodate fresh ingredients only makes this place even more appealing to me.

What I think I’ll like best about Nidulari, though, is sampling their sublime treats amid its singular location.

This culinary adventure is certainly to be continued…

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