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Saturday Video: Crucian Festival Adult Parade

Crucian Festival Parade 2010

Today is the day! The main event of the annual Crucian Christmas Carnival celebrations back home in St. Croix, the adult parade, is going down right now in the small town of Frederiksted located on the island’s west coast. This is the party of the year where seemingly the entire island comes together to play mas, drink rum, dance and get on bad up and down the streets of this normally sleepy town. The music is a mix of steelpan, calypso, quelbe and whatever else may be blaring out the back of an endless parade of flatbed trucks, each loaded down with enough speakers, amps and generators to wake the neighbors as far north as The Bahamas, and as far south as Trinidad.

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but rest assured, it’s wonderfully loud!

Unlike the nice Children’s Parade held a day earlier, the Adult Parade is where the grown-ups let their hair down. The costumes are skimpy, the wining is hot, and the drinks keep flowing. Even for first-time visitors, it’s impossible not to wuk-up when you hear, see and feel the tramp coming up the street.

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