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Saturday Video: Enjoy a Scrumptious Taste of St. Kitts

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St. Kitts may not carry as celebrated a reputation for fine dining as Martinique, Trinidad, Jamaica and other such culinary capitals of the Caribbean, but you’d never know it from this video. Just try to keep your tummy from growling over its two minutes and 56 seconds…

I’ll wait…

See? Impossible, right?

The red snapper stuffed with fresh herbs prepared by Greg Austin, head chef at Nirvana, gets my mouth watering every time I watch this! The alluring backdrop provided by St. Kitts’ incredible natural beauty only makes me hungrier to re-visit this special place.

The whole package is presented artfully by Telegraph Commercial Video, a division of The London Telegraph that produces amazing videos like these for all sorts of brands all over the world. Remember this three-minute guide to St. Kitts’ culture and heritage? Yep, that’s their handiwork as well.

Back to the food: our most recent trip to St. Kitts saw us spending the vast majority of our time in the sister island of Nevis. Our lone meal in St. Kitts was a quick, yet very yummy stop at Reggae Beach Bar. Clearly, we still have quite a bit to discover about the culinary wonders here.

This video gives us a great starting point, but we’d also love some suggestions from you! If you’ve got a favorite dining spot in St. Kitts, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to check it out on our next trip down to Sugar City.

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🇰🇳St. Kitts

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