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Saturday Video: De Boozehound Monkeys of St. Kitts

Alcoholic Monkeys ... Addicted To Hard Alcohol - Deralict Monkeys

The lyrics to the classic Steel Pulse jam Man No Sober apply all too often to those of us who have, on occasion, “overdone it” while traveling in the Caribbean. For those who claim they’ve never been “that guy” (yeah, right), certainly you’ve seen him – face planted in the sand, clinging to a barstool as though for dear life, or dangling over the side of some boat, adding an unwanted hue to our already colorful coral reefs.

It’s gross. It’s unseemly. It happens.

In St. Kitts, home to one of my favorite beach bars, the overdoing it is not confined to us humans. Here, instead of a “tipsy gipsy”, the Steel Pulse protagonist would more likely be compared to a mooching monkey!

As you can see in the hilarious video above, the monkeys in St. Kitts aren’t shy about getting all up in your space to get their drink on. The result: well… watch them as they tumble over.

I didn’t witness anything like this on my recent trip to Nevis (perhaps the monkeys there are more civilized?), but then again I tend to keep a pretty close eye on my drink at all times.

How about the rest of you; ever had a monkey steal your drink in St. Kitts or Nevis…?

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