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Photo Of The Day: Sugar-Sweet Sands of St. Kitts

Sweet, Sweet St. Kitts.

More so than most anywhere in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is synonymous with sweet, the association a hold-over from the island’s prodigious history of sugar production, extending from the earliest days of European colonization up until the last sugar mill was closed in 2005.

Sugar may not be king in St. Kitts anymore, but as the image above clearly illustrates, there’s still plenty that’s sweet about this place, especially for uncommon beach lovers.

One size, or color, does not fit all when it comes to St. Kitts’ beaches. Silver-grey sands line the island’s northwestern shores near Mount Liamuiga, St. Kitts’ youngest volcano. As noted previously, St. Kitts gets progressively older as you move toward the southeast, the color of her sands lightening in line with the advanced age.

In the far southeastern regions, white sands like the ones pictured above line Banana Bay, Cockleshell, South Friar’s Bay and other secluded shores seemingly tailor-made for our style of uncommon (and blessedly uncrowded) beach fun.

Learn more about the wonders of St. Kitts here.

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