Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: A Nice, Quiet Dip at St. Martin’s Caye Château

Caye Chateau, St. Martin

Caye Chateau, St. Martin

For such a small territory, St. Martin just seems to have it all. There are huge supermarkets stocked to the gills with European food generally found only in Paris, while not even a mile down the road, a typical West Indian fruit stand sporting a wood fame and corrugated aluminum roof does its own brisk business. On the very same street in Grand Case, a hungry traveler can choose between the height of French cuisine paired with a $200 bottle of champagne, or simply saunter into a lolo for rice, peas, macaroni, salad and fish paired with a Presidente.

Similarly, just north of where the photo in this week’s wallpaper was taken is the world famous nudist magnet Orient Beach. Of course, you wouldn’t know it just by looking. Nowhere to be seen are European tourists working on their tans au naturel. There are no lines of nude people queueing up for lunch. Not even a single tube of sunscreen is anywhere in sight.

Nope, just a family. Probably down from the nearby little fishing village of Orleans for a dip near the tiny islet of Caye Château. It’s a simple scene that makes me thankful for a childhood spent growing up in paradise.

Next time you’re in St. Martin, don’t forget to take a break from chatting up your nude neighbor at Club Orient, watching planes land inches above Maho Bay, or savoring haute French cuisine in Grand Case. Sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most beautiful.

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