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Lindbergh Bay Beach – Fall in Love with St. Thomas

My brother, Patrick, is rather famously forgetful. Cays we’ve visited together, key events from our childhood, plain old car keys – he forgets them all. Even Patrick, though, could be forgiven for forgetting anything and everything (including his beer) at Lindbergh Bay Beach in St. Thomas.

I snapped this photo just after we’d finished the best, most authentic West Indian lunch on the island, courtesy of Miss Jackie. My head was spinning, the fantastic flavors of real deal island food inducing a sort of culinary rapture. To be sure, I hadn’t previously thought this possible in traditionally super touristy St. Thomas. As Patrick noted in an earlier post, his reservations about St. Thomas were even more pronounced.

His reaction to Miss Jackie’s delights? A satisfying walk into the waves directly behind Miss Jackie’s food truck. A long gaze out at the sea, his head gently shaking all the while in happy disbelief.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this very moment on Lindbergh Bay Beach was when my brother finally fell in love with St. Thomas. You’ll have to ask him if it’s true… assuming he remembers, of course.

Read (and see) more about why you absolutely must stop and eat at Miss Jackie’s food truck whenever you’re in St. Thomas in this earlier post. 

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