Honey Sweet Sunset in Bequia: Photo of the Day

As born and bred Crucians with a boundless love for all of the West Indies, we’ve had the great fortune to soak in the last sunset of many of our years somewhere in the islands.

St. Croix (of course), Tobago, Barbados, Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico – between the two of us, Patrick and I have  seen more than a few years out in style.

As our Instagram and Facebook followers already know, Patrick will be turning the trick again this year in Cuba. (For my part, I’ll be on a tiny island accessible solely by boat off the west coast of Florida. It’s not the Caribbean, though still fairly uncommon.)

Another warm and wondrous send off to the Old Year is sure to be had, though I’m not sure it will top the scene above – one of the famed honey sweet sunsets that make the close of most any day in Bequia so, so special.

New Year’s Eve 2017 in Bequia? Hmmm… sounds pretty good to me!

Got a favorite spot in the Caribbean where you love to ring in the New Year? Let us know why we should check it out in the comments section below…


*Photo credit: Flickr user Dave Gray.

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