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Photo Of The Day: Industry Bay, Bequia

Industry Bay, Bequia is not the kind of beach you’d ever find on any Top 10 Caribbean Beaches list like the one currently being contested over at USA Today. Those lists usually feature some very usual suspects, including one very special stretch of sand and sea that I personally think deserves the #1 spot.

Industry Bay, though, is tops to me in other, more uncommon ways.

A tangle of countless coconut palms line her shores, remnants of old plantation days long past.

Sea grass piles along the sand, only to be raked away later by the conscientious grounds staff at Sugar Reef, the ultra-stylish boutique hotel and restaurant that also shares the Industry Bay shoreline.

Venture here on certain select holiday weekends and you’ll also find locals camping out in tents among the palms.

Just offshore, fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking to a nearby islet or hidden coves, and, when the wind is right, kite surfing thrills await.

Skinny, pretty, never crowded, and full of fun, Industry Bay is near-about perfect to me.

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