Greedy For More Grenadines: Photo of the Day

There’s a certain avaricious undercurrent to every visit I make to the Grenadines. It’s not about food, rum, vile temptresses, or any other such vices.

No, my selfish desires are really all about the scenery, specifically the other tiny islets surrounding whatever small island I happen to be on.

As much as I may be enjoying right where I’m at, the sight of other Grenadines nestled seemingly within arm’s reach, always makes me want to move on; to experience them all at once.

This was certainly what I was feeling upon gazing out on the view pictured here. Pigeon Island way off in the distance to the right, Isle A Quatre and Petit Nevis closer to my perch high in the hills in southern Bequia. Could that be the Pillories and a piece of Mustique to the left?

Sadly, I wouldn’t get to these, or any other Grenadines on this trip. Memories of this view, though, ensure that I will be back.

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