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Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church, Sainte-Marie

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church, Sainte-Marie

There's an old, historic church in every town in Martinique. Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church bears one of the more uncommon histories among them.
Haitian Vodou loa Bizango | SBPR

There’s Nothing To Fear From Haitian Vodou… Except Maybe This Guy

As with any religion, there's a dark side to Haitian Vodou. It's not all encompassing, as the mainstream media and Hollywood would have you believe.
Vodou Ceremony Clairin, Haiti | SBPR

That Time I Went To A Vodou Ceremony in Haiti

You're kicking back in the Great Room of the Marriott Port-au-Prince admiring the striking collection of Vodou Flags. The bright colors and intricate symbols for the individual Loa mesmerize. You want to learn more about Vodou; to attend a Vodou ceremony in Haiti, but how...?
Hotel On The Cay, St. Croix
🇻🇮St. Croix

The Peculiar Parochial History of Protestant Cay, St. Croix

Somehow, as sadly seems typical of most religions, Catholics and Protestants couldn't see fit to coexist nicely on St. Croix... not even in death.
The Christ of Havana by Patrick Bennett

Christ of Havana: Let This Massive Statue Grant You Peace

The Christ of Havana (or El Cristo de La Habana) statue has been gracing Havana, Cuba with its peaceful and forgiving gaze since 1958.

The Kite Fest to End All Kite Fests: Guatemala’s Dia De Todos Los Santos

Held annually on November 1st, Guatemala's Dia de Todos Los Santos is surely among the most extravagant kite-flying festivals in the world.
Saint James Methodist Church, Hope Town, The Bahamas

Saint James Methodist Church on Elbow Cay: A Divine Deception

The rather plain, stark-white facade of Saint James Methodist Church in Hope Town, Elbow Cay belies a colorful past...
🇨🇷Costa Rica

The Jamaican Reason Why This Church in Costa Rica is So Small

About the only place in Costa Rica where Catholicism isn't king is the remote jungle town of Tortuguero. The reason why has a lot to do with Jamaica...

The Sand Floor of Curacao’s Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue

As Caribbean houses of worship go, the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curacao rests on exceptionally hallowed (and sandy) ground.