Friday Happy Hour: Decidedly Dim Turk’s Head Light

I’ve got to slow down.

At least according to my doctor. It seems the sampling required of my weekly booze reviews, occasional rum judging duties, and general carousing may have contributed to a less-than-stellar score on liver health portion of my latest blood tests.

Initial results were not conclusive, and even if they were, the situation would not be all that serious at this point, but the doc’s stern look and ferocious finger wagging has me inclined to reach for something a little lighter for today’s happy hour. Maybe even something like Turk’s Head Light.

I came across the newest member of the Turk’s Head family of beers on my last trip to Provo just a few months ago. The meeting was not by choice.

Some of you might recall that I’m not really a huge fan of Turk’s Head beer. Actually, most people I’ve asked are not fans of Turk’s Head beer, but either way I still think it’s good to drink local when traveling, especially when you’re in the company of a local and he’s offering you a free beer.

The local, in this case, was my rum expert friend, Bob Davies. We were tooling about exploring Provo’s uncommon side with a cooler mostly full of Turk’s Head Light. It was hot, I was thirsty, and he was offering – how could I resist?

My verdict: like regular Turk’s Head, this is a beer of an acquired taste… as in if you can acquire a can for little or no money, as I did, then great. Otherwise, I’d pass.

Essentially an overly watered-down version of regular Turk’s Head, this Light is quite dim on flavor or anything even resembling character. It’s so nondescript, in fact, that you wonder with some sips if they forgot the whole hops and barley thing.

Pluses? Well…

I guess it was refreshing. I mean, I did finish the can pictured above, so there’s that.

The main reason why I could go for one of these today, though, is that you can’t get Turk’s Head Light outside of the Turks & Caicos. So, if you have to suffer through a few sips of this stuff, at least your surroundings will make it well worth the trouble.

Now, if only I could get my doc to write me a prescription to head back to Provo…


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