Pressure Busspipe killing COVID with music

Pressure Busspipe New Music Kills COVID Blues For Me

For Patrick and I, Leo Season 2020 came and went with a whimper. The Caribbean travel-focused festivities that usually accompany the mid-summer period marking our respective birthdays, cancelled. The reason why… Well, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

While COVID-19 killed a lot of the summer fun many of us had planned, it didn’t stop one particularly talented fellow Leo from giving us a good deal to celebrate. That talented Leo: Hon. Pressure Busspipe.

The hottest recording artist to emerge from our homeland, the U.S. Virgin Islands, in recent years, Pressure has spent the better part of the past few months dropping an impressive line up of new tracks. While the rest of us have been holed up at home, Pressure has given us new lyrics and songs to keep us strong (or at least smiling) in these troubled times.

As is his usual m.o., Pressure’s latest tracks are a mix of solo efforts and collaborations. This one, which was just released yesterday, is my favorite…

Arkaingelle feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Pressure Busspipe - Light Tha Torch [Official Video 2020]

There are others, of course. Pressure’s Summer Buss is also a must-listen. The three-song EP released back in June mixes up a bit of dancehall with Caribbean pop. In this way, it espouses the unfettered fun typical of any normal summer.

So yeah, despite the COVID curveball of summer 2020, we can all still vibe sweet and nice thanks to Pressure Busspipe. 

Summer Buss and everything else with Pressure’s signature lyrical style is available on all digital platforms. Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and TIDAL.

Check him out today, and be sure to follow Pressure Busspipe on Instagram to stay in the know on upcoming new releases.

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