West Indian Carnival Festival, Brooklyn, New York

Caribean Wallpaper Wednesday: The Beautiful Women of Brooklyn’s Carnival Festivities

West Indian Carnival Festival, Brooklyn, New York
West Indian Carnival Festival, Brooklyn, New York

Beautiful women. Colorful, barely there outfits. Feathers. Sequins. Sun. Curry. Dhalpuri. Stew Chicken. Maubi. Sorrel. Towers of chest rattling speakers weighing down 18-wheelers.

This. Is. Carnival!

As Steve previously revealed, neither of us Uncommon Caribbean brothers have had the pleasure of playing mas in our ancestral island home of Trinidad (will 2012 finally be the year?), but I never miss the West Indian Carnival Parade every Labor Day here in Brooklyn, New York… Well, never except this year.

Yeah, sadly this year I’ll actually be on-site somewhere in the Caribbean—exploring off-the-beaten-path sites, tastes and adventures to report back on for all of you, our well-travelled readers.

So, with the official Welcome Festivities set to kick off on Thursday September 1st, I thought I’d put a taste of the festivities on my desktop. A poor consolation, I know, but it’ll have to do.

I might miss the Brass Fest of the 2nd, the Junior Carnival and Steel Band Panorama on the 3rd, Dimanche Gras on the 4th and the big one: The Labor Day Parade on the 5th… But at least with this image of past revelers soaking in the moment adorning my computer, I’ll have reminisced for a week. Maybe that’ll tide me over until next year. (Or Trinidad Carnival!)

If you’re lucky enough to be in the New York City area for any of those days, do yourself a favor and join in the fun.

If, like me, you’ll be unable to attend, just click the link below to download this week’s wallpaper desktop for a taste of the fête you’ll be missing.

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