Scilly Cay Envy

Still Sleeping on Scilly Cay, Anguilla After All These Years

I enjoyed the best lobster I’ve ever eaten in my life on a private islet just offshore Anguilla several years ago. This, however, was not the place. Pictured instead is Scilly Cay.

Nestled in the bay of Island Harbour, this tiny coral cay has been a favorite liming and dining spot for visitors to Anguilla for 35 years. Sadly, I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Scilly Cay. I’ve heard, though, that the vibe, drinks, and food are all fantastic.

The most-loved menu item: lobster.

As popular as Scilly Cay is, it’s no surprise that the blowback from their fans over my “best-ever lobster” declaration was fierce. More than a handful questioned my sense of taste. Others wondered whether I had any sense at all.

A jam-packed schedule during my all-too-brief last visit to Anguilla in November 2019 kept me away from Scilly Cay again. So, for now, I’m sticking with Sandy Island as my choice for all-time best lobster.

Next time I’m down AXA way, though, you can be sure I will be settling the argument.

Editor’s note: Anguilla is one of the few destinations in the Caribbean where lobsters are in-season year-round. Check out this comprehensive list of lobster season dates around the region to help guide your culinary travels.


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