Friday Happy Hour: 1 Barrel Rum from Belize and My 1st Attempt at Rum Popo

1 Barrel Rum de Belize/SBPR

Today’s Friday Happy Hour will be told in two parts, mainly because I haven’t quite finished making the drink I want to tell you about. True to the Holiday Season and our website, it’s another quintessential Caribbean Christmas libation, so that’s good, right?

Judging by the recipe, I think the drink will be pretty good too. The only problem is the main ingredient, 1 Barrel Rum from Belize.

In a word: I’m not a fan.

If you know Belize and its Christmas traditions, then you probably already know the drink in question is something called Rum Popo. Described in various corners as a stronger version of eggnog, Rum Popo requires a heap of eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, raisins, two types of milk (condensed and evaporated) and the country’s most popular rum. So far, I’ve only really tried the rum, and I’m having serious reservations about proceeding.

Originally introduced in 1964, 1 Barrel is aged in Kentucky oak barrels for a period of 12 months. At the top of its label, several gold medals are prominently displayed. Near the bottom, the words “Refined Old Rum” can be found.

I may have been lured in by these fancy accoutrements initially, but once I got a taste of this stuff, it was all quickly forgotten.

I should probably stop here and mention that I’m not really a big fan of any gold rum. Certainly if you read this, then you know I’m more into rums aged a bit more than a year. Darker and full-bodied blends are also more for me.

So, yeah, 1 Barrel already had strikes against it for me before I even cracked it open. The screw face my scant few sips engendered certainly didn’t change anything.

Like most gold rums, especially those aged for such a short time, 1 Barrel is probably best-suited for mixers. Whether or not it works for me in a Rum Popo will be news for another day…

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