God Is Good, Dominica: Photo of the Day

If there’s one underlying sentiment I’ve noted all over Dominica throughout my travels here over the years it’s the three-word affirmation printed on this boat I came across in Scotts Head last week.

It’s not an everyday all-purpose saying like Pura Vida in Costa Rica. Instead, it’s more something you feel.

In the smiles of most everyone you meet, the way they make you feel welcome in their country, their willingness to share Dominica’s special charms and secrets with you – basically in everything – it’s impossible not to channel the spiritual goodness that envelopes all of this truly amazing place.

You may leave here sore from hiking, banged up from the bush rum, or just worn out from all there is to see and do in Dominica, but you’ll always leave smiling, feeling the good, and anxious to return.

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