Pwi Pwi Fishing in Soufriere Bay, Dominica: Photo of the Day

Just another lonely fisherman in his humble little boat plying his trade in the calm azure seas of the Caribbean, right?

Well, yes… and no.

The difference here? The boat.

It’s called a pwi pwi, and it’s not for everyone.

If you like your seagoing vessels with the type of deep hulls that provide stability and added safety, well then the pwi pwi is not for you.

These seriously old school boats trace their history back to a time before Columbus. They originated in Dominica, an innovation of Dominica’s original inhabitants, the Kalinago, whose influence remains an important part of the island’s cultural make up today.

Essentially a small raft comprised very simply of three bwa flo (balsa) logs tied to a flat plank that serves as the deck, the pwi pwi is ideal for trawling shallow waters in search of conch, fish, lobster, and shellfish near shore.

Look for pwi pwi’s in Soufriere Bay at the very southern edge of Dominica, where I spotted this one. The sublimely still water here is absolutely tailor-made for this ancient style of angling.

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