Wild, wonderful Martinique Carnival | Credit: Henri Salomon

Up Next: Our First Taste of Martinique Carnival

We Bennett boys love to fete. If you’ve been a UC fan for any stretch of time, or have run into us along our travels, then this should come as no surprise. In light of this pronounced predisposition toward peltin waist, winin’, and wotless behavior, though, it is a bit surprising that we haven’t hit more Carnivals over the years. So far we’ve only played Mas in Trinidad and St. Martin, while also spreeing up during Carnival celebrations in St. Croix, St. John, and Dominica. It’s a good list, but one that barely scratches the surface on the breadth of West Indian Carnivals celebrated in the islands.

We gotta’ do better, right?

For 2019 we’ve resolved to do just that! The fun begins this weekend in Fort-de-France, epicenter of the wild and wondrous…

Martinique Carnival!

Will this be me next week at Martinique Carnival? | Credit: Henri Salomon
Will this be me or Patrick next week at Martinique Carnival? | Credit: Henri Salomon

As we’ve noted before, Martinique Carnival is a bit unique among West Indian Carnivals. The fete here continues on an extra day after it ends in Trinidad and most everywhere that Carnival is celebrated during the pre-Lenten period.

Indeed, an added level of stamina is required. As for what else lies in store for us… well… we’re not entirely sure.

Mas in the streets at Martinique Carnival | Credit: Henri Salomon
Mas in the streets at Martinique Carnival | Credit: Henri Salomon

Will we dress in drag as part of the Mock Weddings tradition on Fat Monday?

Will we take to the streets covered in red from head to toe for Red Devils Day?

Will we end up looking like this??!!

This could be me come Dimanche Gras this Sunday | Credit: Henri Salomon
I might look like this come Dimanche Gras this Sunday! | Credit: Henri Salomon

I am, of course, excitedly hoping for all of the above… and more!!

Be sure to link with us via Instagram, Facebook, and twitter for updates on the fun beginning this weekend.

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