Josephine Suite at Hotel Bakoua, Martinique View

Josephine Suite at Hotel Bakoua, Martinique – View With a Room

The view that greets you in the morning from the 215 square-foot terrace attached to the Josephine Suite at Hotel Bakoua is nice. It’s not the best thing, though, that anyone lucky enough to check-in here will enjoy during their stay. 

You might think that said best thing would have something to do with posh decor or amenities. This is a suite, after all. A suite that, like many (perhaps too many) things considered top notch in Martinique, carries the name of the island’s all-time most famous (and infamous) resident.

Ornate mahogany furniture, even more ornate brass fixtures, hardwood floors, and royal blue walls do, indeed, give the Josephine Suite an air of nobility. 

Still, they’re not the standout feature of these digs.

For me, the best thing about the Josephine Suite is this same view, only experienced at sunset. 

Your viewing perspective is due west. Ilet Ramier rests off to the south. The far western reaches of Fort-de-France are visible to the north. Sailboats at anchor only accentuate the beauty. 

The scene will leave you spellbound, and perhaps a tad anxious to welcome the morning and the view pictured above. If only to hasten the amazing sunset to follow…

To see the amazing sunset on offer daily at Hotel Bakoua, check out our Martinique Travel Guide. The lead photo at the top of the page was snapped just a few feet from the Josephine Suite.

For more on the Josephine Suite, visit Hotel Bakoua online.


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